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When you make a purchase, your retailer will give you a QR code containing your points.



Scan the QR code through the app, and points will automatically be added to your retailers' stamps card.



Once you have collected enough stamps for an offer. Redeem this at your retailer and get your FREEth item or discount.


Collect Loyalty Stamps Get your FREEth

It is easy, fast and convenient. Get a code. Scan the code. Redeem for FREEth offers

Scan your loyalty cards Carry them everywhere in FREEth.

Save your wallet for money, not loyalty cards. Simply scan them and carry them in your app

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What our users are saying Make your wallet happy

"No more carrying all those cards around, and I still benefit from collecting loyalty points."

Your retailers are either on FREEth. Should get on it, or you could scan their plastic cards and store them in FREEth. One app for all your loyalty cards. Truely "Loyalty in your pocket".

What our signed up retailers are saying Contact us, signup today

"WOW, I am impressed" - Ilona from WI Zumba

It virtually costs nothing extra, sign up for the free trail now! A FREEth for retailers!

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